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The best exotic rental company in Miami

i95 Exotics is the leading authority on exotic rentals in Miami, specializing in exotic car rentals, luxury yacht charters, and motorcycle rentals. Miami is a city dominated by tourism and hospitality, which makes it the perfect home for a company like i95 Exotics. The most commonly highlighted activities in the area include fine dining, nightlife, spa and relaxation and good old-fashioned beach time. I95 Exotics can provide the “toys’ to bring your vacation to life, whether you would enjoy test driving a rolls Royce on collins ave or taking your family out on a “mega-yacht” all of these dreams are possible…and actually affordable. One of the most amazing revelations we see is when someone who thought they would never be able to afford to sit behind the wheel of their dream car finds out that they can rent it for a whole day and not break their budget! Find out for yourself at