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Motorcycle Rentals Miami

Renting a motorcycle in Miami has never been easier when you rent a bike from our i95 Exotic Rentals.  We feature an outstanding selection of motorcycle rentals in Miami to match every budget and personality.  When you work with our rental specialists, you can be assured of finding exactly what you need and having the most enjoyable experience possible on two wheels.

Most importantly, we have a great inventory of bikes to choose from for a once-in-a-lifetime experience including:

  • Ducati rental in Miami
  • Polaris Slingshot rental bike in Miami
  • Honda CBR 600 rental bike
  • Kawasaki Ninja rental bike
  • Suzuki GSX 600 R rental bike
  • Yamaha R6 rental bike

Be sure to contact i95 Exotic Rentals ahead of time to confirm availability.

What to Consider Before You Rent a Motorcycle

Regardless of the size of the company that you rent from, the process of renting a bike is relatively similar among all of them.  However, when it comes to renting a motorcycle versus a motor vehicle, certain factors need to be considered such as:

  • Consider the total cost – although day tours may not be that costly, renting a bike for a week or longer can get expensive. Be sure to call us ahead of time if you have any questions regarding the costs involved.
  • The weather – another factor to consider if you’re renting a bike from i95 Exotic Rentals is the weather. You should always check on this, especially if you plan to go riding in an unfamiliar area.  This will also be an influencing factor where the type of bike you choose is concerned.
  • Your level of experience – motorcycle rentals Miami Beach services is a perfect way to test drive a new bike. So you have to be smart about your choice of rental motorcycle.  For example, if you’ve been used to something lightweight, getting on a 200-plus HP bike or a 1,000-pound machine may not be the best idea initially.  So if you’re planning on renting a bike for a touring vacation versus playing in the dirt, there’s going to be a learning curve to consider.

4 Reasons People Rent Motorcycles

The i95 Exotic Rentals motorcycle rentals team in Miami understands that there are plenty of reasons for renting and riding a bike.  Based on prior customer experiences, there are 4 primary reasons that people rent motorcycles from our company:

  • You have a motorcycle license but no longer own a bike.
  • You want to ride a motorcycle when going on vacation.
  • You want to test ride a bike before deciding to purchase one.
  • You want to try something different and exciting.

For many individuals, there is only one reason to consider renting and riding a bike and it’s not for commuting or getting from Point A to Point B.  These individuals ride to live.  Thus, whether you just want to explore the countryside and want to feel the wind blowing through your hair, we have the dream machine that you always wanted to ride.

To learn more about motorcycle rentals services in Miami, call i95 Exotic Rentals today at 305-397-8888, 305-965-6228, or 786-371-4754 to book a motorcycle.